Websites To Read Before Istanbul Trip

Websites, Articles, Pages To Read Before Visiting Istanbul

Istanbul city is located in modern day Turkey. The Istanbul is located in the middle of Asia and Europe and this unique location made it one of the most important city of the world throughout the history. The Istanbul sits on two continents Europe and Asia and this unique location is called as Eurasia sometimes in order to refer to bridge-like existence of Istanbul city.

Napoleon’s Words About Istanbul

French Emperor Napoleon‘s famous quote: If the world would be one nation, Istanbul would be its capital. This important quote from the famous emperor marking the Istanbul’s strategic importance.

one of the most beautiful sight of istanbul Galata Tower

Istanbul city Turkey

Emperor Constantine The Great Adores Istanbul

The first person to see Istanbul’s strategical advantages was the famous Roman emperor of the history: The Constantine the Great. Emperor Constantine became the emperor and certain ruler of Roman Empire by eliminating his 3 strong rivals. He was just a caesar of Roman Empire‘s tetrarchy administration system which was held during the 4th century. Once he became the emperor, he wanted to move his capital from west to east. That was meaning the end of thousand years old ascendancy of Rome city.

Istanbul Becoming Capital Of Roman Empire

Being a simple Greek town: Byzantium, chosed by the Emperor Constantine as the new capital of Roman Empire and they converted the city into the new capital city of mighty Roman Empire. They enlarged the city walls, built a lot of Roman buildings including a royal palace and Hippodrome, thus the city became the New Rome (Nova Roma) later it began to be called as Constantinople, the name that honours the founder of the city, the emperor Constantine.

hagia sophia with a private guide to appreciate the history

hagia sophia private tour guide

Istanbul Byzantine Empire Constantinople History Tours

To obtain good knowledge and understanding about the history of Istanbul. I would recommend you to attend one of the Istanbul history tours. Some tours are focusing merely on Byzantine history of Istanbul city. Byzantine Empire Constantinople history tour might be really useful for you to grip a satisfying information about the interesting Byzantine Empire history. Istanbul had three names throughout the 2650 years of history: Byzantium, Constantinople and finally Istanbul. A private guide can give you information about the crucial points of Istanbul’s history and names.

Hagia Sophia Private Tour Guides

Hagia Sophia is considered as the most important and most beautiful building in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia can be visited in limited hours since it serves as a museum. Hagia Sophia has a great history and splendid Byzantine Mosaics to see. To understand and appreciate Hagia Sophia’s architecture and history, i recommend you to hire a private tour guide. You may check the Hagia Sophia private tour guide article in order to find yourself a good guide. Booking a private tour guide for Hagia Sophia, would grant you the privilege of fast track entry to the museum, without waiting in the long lines and annoying queues.

istanbul custom tours would help you prepare a tour itinerary

istanbul custom tours

Istanbul Custom Private Tours

Istanbul is a huge city with a lot of attrations to see. Therefore to make a healthy planning and creating a time-saving itinerary, you may give a try to a tailor made private tour. Some tour guides are so knowledgeable that they can provide you a great deal of information about the city during the tour, but more importantly, they help you prepare a great programme to follow for the Istanbul trip. I personally recommend you to browse through this website istanbul custom private tours to find accurate information about Istanbul.

istanbul guided private tours help you see Istanbul properly

hagia sophia istanbul turkey

Istanbul Guided Private Tours

If you are looking for some ready itineraries to follow and see the main touristic sights of Istanbul city you may take a look at istanbul guided private tours website to check what to do in Istanbul city. This website offers some useful articles to check about the background of Istanbul city and they are definitely useful for strolling through the streets of Istanbul with a private guided tour.

War Movies and Films Of Hollywood

This website originally offers some articles related to good war movies. Famous battles of the world that are already filmed and wish to be filmed can be found our own articles. You may check the articles famous war movies of cinema for instance. Or you may give a try to another blog post in our web page named i wish these historic stories could be filmed blog post.

I hope you enjoy with our internal web articles as well as our recommendations realted to the Istanbul city. You may take this blog article as a good source to check about the istanbul private tour options and services.

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