Ephesus and Cappadocia Websites To Visit

Ephesus and Cappadocia Websites To Visit

Turkey is one of the most popular destination when it comes to vacation and travel. World’s 6th largest tourism economy exists in Turkey. Turkey has a lot of attractions to offer to its visitors.

Places To See And Visit In Turkey

Some prominent holiday places in Turkey can be considered as Ephesus, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, Marmaris and Troy. Each and every city, region or town has its own historical background as well as mystic stroies and legens to listen.

Cappadocia hot air Balloon Tours to see Volcanic Landscape

Cappadocia of Turkey

Brief History Of Anatolia

The history of Anatolia (Asia part of Turkey) dates back to thousand years before Christ. That is meaning you can see some remnants in Anatolia dating back to ancient ages, Greek city-states, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire as well as the Ottoman Empire. These civilizations ruled over Anatolia which is also known as Cradle of Civilizations in the history.

Turkey offers considerable Greek and Roman heritage & history

Greek and Roman history of Turkey

Ephesus Ancient City and Ephesus Tour Guides

Ephesus is considered as one of the largest ancient city in the World. It’s definitely the most important Greek and Roman (Greco-Roman) heritage in the middle east as well as the eastern part of Europe and Mediterranean Sea. Visiting and seeing the Ephesus, walking through its streets and enjoy the beauties of ancient wisdom of course highly recommended. However to see and appreciate the historic existence of all these ruins and remnants can not be done by yourself only. To hire a private ephesus tour guide is highly recommended to you in order to grip a flawless understanding over the layers of history that lies on Ephesus ancient city. Ephesus ancient city is located in Selcuk region of Izmir city, Turkey.

Ephesus of Turkey provides Greco-Roman heritage and history

Ephesus ancient city in Turkey

Cappadocia Region and Cappadocia Private Guides

Visiting the Cappadocia region of Turkey of course matchless experience that you must do before you finish your time in this world. To discover the volcanic rocks that are named fairy chimneys and enjoying the beauty of nature as well as attending to some hot air balloon tours highly recommended. Cappadocia lays over several cities of modern Turkey and it covers a massive piece of land.

To prepare a healthy programme about visiting the Cappadocia is certainly not easy. Therefore i recommend you to check Cappadocia private tour guide website before you are getting there.  To get the help of professionals might give you a better understanding about this magnificent place so you will be content at the end that you made a good invesment about hiring a tour guide in Cappadocia. Once you come to Turkey and visit the Cappadocia, a tour guide cost should not be much money to pay. It fulfills the information gaps in your mind and provide you a satisfying feeling about what you saw and learn.  Cappadocia is located in Kayseri city of Central Anatolia, Turkey.

Hagia Sophia visit makes you aware of Byzantine history

Hagia Sophia Byzantine history

Byzantine Empire History Of Turkey and Anatolia

Byzantine Empire ruled over the Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Anatolia and Mesopotamia from 395 A.D. to the 1453 A.D. The Byzantine Empire is considered as one of the most important Empire of Medieval ages. Therefore there are many stories and legens related to the famous Byzantine Empire. The Istanbul was once Constantinople as the capital of Byzantine Empire which is also known as the Eastern Roman Empire.

Some sources however name it as Byzantium referring to the first name of Istanbul which was the city founded by Greek Byzas: Byzantium. If you ever visit Istanbul, I would certainly recommend you to attend one of Byzantine Constantinople tour of Istanbul to acquire a broad comprehension and full realization about this diverse history and magnificent culture.

You can consider to visit Pamukkale Hierapolis ancient city

Pamukkale Hierapolis ancient city

Why Hagia Sophia is so Important for World Architecture

Hagia Sophia used to be built by Emperor Justinian of Byzantine Empire and considered as one of the new Seven wonders of the world. Following the deadly Nika Riot that gave a great harm to the capital Constantinople, Emperor Justinian I decided to build a grand church in the middle of the Constantinople city. He summoned the most brilliant and famous architects of Byzantine Empire (Byzantium) to build the most beautiful and large temple of the world. The Byzantine architects Anthemius of Tralles and Isidore of Miletus erected one of the biggest church in the world with the highest dome world has ever seen. Therefore Hagia Sophia became world famous after its completion in 537 A.D.

If you would be visiting Istanbul and if you have intention to see this magnificent structure, i certainly recommend you to hire a tour guide during your Hagia Sophia visit. To hire a licensed your guide who is eligible to provide a private guided tour definitely makes your Hagia Sophia visit memorable. I recommend you to take a look at Hagia Sophia private guided tour article to get full knowledge about the private guided tour options for your Hagia Sophia visit. By booking a tour guide in advance, you will also given a chance to have a fast track advantage which will take you inside the museum quickly. Otherwise you might have to wait at the entrance for a long time, especially in the high tourist season of the Istanbul.

War Movies Of The World Website

This website is created by the admin to commemorate and cherish the memories of great war movies and battles. I recommend you to check out our articles related to recommended war movies to read such as famous war movies of cinema or another article that tells you about some memorable battles and events of the world and give you a nostalgic feeling about them named i wish these stories could be filmed article. You may enjoy with these article much more than you had ever expected because of romantic and nostalgic feeling that it gives you.

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