I Wish These Historic Stories Could Be Filmed

Historic Facts That Creates Great War Movies

Hundreds of war movies are being released every year.  Some of them has very weak scenarios. Sometimes I think about my favorite battles in the history and I wonder why the film makers do not pick one of those incredible stories. Because there are wonderful stories from real life, in many different historic events and they could be a subject for one of those high revenue Hollywood movies.

About Ground Shaking Battles Of The History

There had been ground shaking battles in the world history to admire. Battle Of Cannae, Battle Of Manzikert, Battle Of Hastings, Battle Of Mohacs, Battle Of Somme, The Gallipoli Campaign, Invasion and Sack Of Constantinople could be well established scenarios for some battle movies.

Let’s take a look at some of these battles, and imagine how they could be filmed, and how would they perform on the world’s box office.

Battle Of Somme

Battle Of Somme

Battle of Somme is one of the most cruel war among  the World War I campaigns. Thousands of people died and there is no decisive victory for any sides. The outcome of the war is far from being satisfying for both sides.

The war took place between the alliance of British Empire and France against the German Empire. Consequences of the battle just horrific. Almost a million people died and when we check the result of the war from online encyclopaedias such as wikipedia, it says Inconclusive. This is unbelievable though. Casualties and losses counted almost a million people, and those innocent soldiers died for nothing. Just for a tactical movement. This could be a great war movie that proves the damages of war.

Battle Of Manzikert

Battle Of Manzikert

Battle of Manzikert took place between the nomadic Turcoman Seljuk Turks and Byzantine Empire. Seljuk Turks are considered as the ancestors of Ottoman Turks. In other words Ottoman Empire.

Seljuks emigrated from Central Asian steps and finally settled to modern day Iranian territories. It was known as Persian Land in the history. Seljuks proclaimed the Isfahan (Persian City) as their headquarters. They kept moving to North and East so it caused the Byzantine Empire (or Byzantium) draw the swords against them.

The big battle was inevitable and sooner or later would break out. Finally in 1071 the Romanos Diogenes Caesar or Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) attacked to the Seljuks near Manzikert. Sultan Alp Arslan was a great commander and leader for Seljuk Turks and he leaded his army very well. The conclusion was decisive Seljuk victory and that victory opened the gates of Anatolia (Asia Minor) to the Turkish folk. Seljuks rapidly invaded the central and eastern Anatolia, with a swift move and overwhelming power.

Aftermath the Byzantine Empire shrank, reduced to a little state, instead of a great Empire.

Sack Of Constantinople

Invasion And Sack Of Constantinople

This is a sad story. The Constantinople, once the most advanced and civilized city of the world, invaded and sacked by Latin Crusaders led by the Enrico Dandolo.

The crusaders sieged and captured Constantinople and destroyed many buildings, gave a great damage to the city as well. This could be a good war movie like the Kingdom Of Heaven which tells a story about the Jerusalem, crusaders and armies of Islam. The movie ended by the siege and capturing of Jerusalem. An exciting movie about a ground shaking battle of the world. Maps Of Byzantine Empire for more information

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