Famous War Movies Of Cinema

Notable Hollywood Movies About War History

Hollywood created amazing films up to present day. Some of them are especially outstanding. Directors like Steven Spielberg made War Horse, Saving Private Ryan and some others. Some of the movies were really brutal, some of were touching, some of were confusing leaving you with a big question mark in your head. Ashamed of what some humans had been doing other human beings.

War Horse By Steven Spielberg

War Horse

Filmed by Steven Spielberg. It was a masterpiece. A boy who lives in a small village of England, tames his wild horse. When World War I breaks out, he joines to the British army. His horse get lost and wander about battlefields. So you see the horrors of war from the eyes of a horse. Brilliant idea.

Saving Private Ryan By Steven Spielberg

Saving Private Ryan

This movie is best of the best. Especially the first half, gives you unbelievable pleasure and excitement because it’s so real. Movie start at D-day at the shores of Normandie. The US and British troops land to shore and face a serious defence from the German’s side. So struggle takes nearly one hour of the movie. Tom Hanks starres a captain. His squad are in search of one private, Ryan. He is the only surviving son of his family since his brothers dies in other war zones.

Platoon By Oliver Stone


This is a real criticism of war. It shows you how horrible and how tricky it is from the eyes of a young soldier. A young lad joins to US platoon in Vietnam war. His observations about the situation of US soldiers and the dirty war so striking. Oliver Stone have always been oppositional child of Hollywood like Sean Penn. So he shows the horrors of war and wrongfulness.

Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Qubrick

Full Metal Jackets

Another criticism of war this time through a bunch of young trainees. The film starts at boot camp. Shows a hell of a tough sergeant that push hard to train his soldiers. Some of the men commit suicide because of his behaviours and punishments. In the end he get shot by a mad soldier. This is not full story, only the beginning. So lots of thing happens after this about United States’ Vietnam War.

Fury With Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt is great actor. I also liked his play for Troy as well. This movie is not the best one of war movies but it has some striking scenes. I especially loved the romantic one, when building get demolished by a cannon fire, and the girl dies. The girl that Brad Pitt’s recruit teammate soldier fell in love with. Also the tanks scene was nice. The German Panzer against US tank. It was not easy to get him but Brad did it eventually after losing half of his teammates.

Tears Of The Sun by Bruce Willis

Tears Of The Sun

I loved this too. It’s not one of the most well-known war movie but again it has some touching scenes. It’s about a war in Africa, a special team involves in to protect white teachers and United Nations. Bruce Willis did a good job in this one. And the horrors of African civil wars revealed.

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By Serhat Engül


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