Ephesus Tours From Kusadasi Cruise Ships

Ephesus Tours From Cruise Ships

I used to go Turkey very often. Altough the Turkish tourism is shaken by the last events in the Middle East, I think everybody should give a chance to welcoming Turkish people. Turkey had been the 6th largest tourism industry in the world until 2016. Series of attacks unfortunately shaken the country and the tourism business collapsed. Nowadays, the guides, hotels and museums are not visited as before.

Same things happen all over the world. Look at Paris, Barcelona, London and even peaceful Scandinavian countries. So do not give a chance to fear to lead your judgements and travel plans. Pack up your things and go to Turkey. But what to see in Turkey? I will be writing my own ideas and favorite places. Actually I love two cities in Turkey: İzmir and İstanbul.

What to see in Istanbul

Istanbul is well-known place in the world. Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque major places of interest to see and they are splendid. There is also Topkapi Palace in the area to see which was the royal home for Ottoman sultans in the history.

Istanbul has many secret gems too. Such as: Chora Church which is Kariye Museum. There is Dolmabahçe Palace by the Bosphorus, and there is Istiklal Avenue which is the most popular street.

famous blue mosque of istanbul

What to see in Izmir

It’s a lovely city. Izmir is known as the second most crowded city in Turkey with a large tourism industry. Not only for tourists from foreign countries, but also locals go to the cute towns of İzmir such as Alacati, Cesme, Kusadasi, Foca, Urla and many other nice places like Sirince town which is famous for it’s tasty wine.

PS: There is also Cappadocia to see. If you have time do not forget to get there too. Turkey’s golden triangle is Cappadocia, Istanbul and Ephesus (Izmir).

cappadocia region of turkey

Kusadasi cruise terminal and Ephesus

I would like to concentrate on the Kuşadası (kusadasi) town which i like the most. I have been to Kusadasi by day trips from Istanbul as well as i visited there with a cruise ship. Huge cruises of famous companies, stay in Kusadasi one day or two. So the passengers of the ships are able to stroll through the streets of this cute town. Kusadasi by the way means bird-island. The nature of this town of course splendid. The beaches around the Kusadasi excellent.

ephesus ruins in izmir

Ephesus Ancient City

The major activity to do near Kusadasi of course Ephesus. Worldwide famous ancient city of Turkey. Best-preserved and best-maintained ancient city of Eastern Europe. You may witness the history here, you live it by walking through the Roman streets. What a journey! Ephesus ancient city is one of the marvels of ancient world. Considered as one of the greatest city of antiquity.

Ephesus how to get there?

If you arrived Istanbul and visit there, you may get to Ephesus by plane from Ataturk or Sabiha Gokcen airports. The flight tickets to the İzmir is very cheap. Or you can even purchase a tour through the travel agents which is located in Sultanahmet area.

If you came to Ephesus by cruise ship, then you probably arrive to the Kusadasi Cruise Ship Terminal and from there there are the best tour operators of Turkey organizes some tours.

I would like to recommend you one of them. Turkland arrange the best tours of Ephesus with its good quality customer service and experienced guides. So you may contact to them from their excellent website: Ephesus private tours from Kusadasi cruise ships So you click the near link and reach out to their lovely website related to the Ephesus. You may read some initial historic information from the website related to visiting the Ephesus ancient city or Celsus Library or Artemis Temple of Ephesus. These are already the best sights to see there.

streets of ephesus ancient city

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I will be writing many more articles about the travel from now on. Keep in touch and follow my blog to read my favorite destinations. The blog posts will be adorned with good photos too. Professional photos that are taken with a Nikon professional machine so they will be good shots for sure.


Ephesus and Cappadocia Websites To Visit

Ephesus and Cappadocia Websites To Visit

Turkey is one of the most popular destination when it comes to vacation and travel. World’s 6th largest tourism economy exists in Turkey. Turkey has a lot of attractions to offer to its visitors.

Places To See And Visit In Turkey

Some prominent holiday places in Turkey can be considered as Ephesus, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, Marmaris and Troy. Each and every city, region or town has its own historical background as well as mystic stroies and legens to listen.

Cappadocia hot air Balloon Tours to see Volcanic Landscape

Cappadocia of Turkey

Brief History Of Anatolia

The history of Anatolia (Asia part of Turkey) dates back to thousand years before Christ. That is meaning you can see some remnants in Anatolia dating back to ancient ages, Greek city-states, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire as well as the Ottoman Empire. These civilizations ruled over Anatolia which is also known as Cradle of Civilizations in the history.

Turkey offers considerable Greek and Roman heritage & history

Greek and Roman history of Turkey

Ephesus Ancient City and Ephesus Tour Guides

Ephesus is considered as one of the largest ancient city in the World. It’s definitely the most important Greek and Roman (Greco-Roman) heritage in the middle east as well as the eastern part of Europe and Mediterranean Sea. Visiting and seeing the Ephesus, walking through its streets and enjoy the beauties of ancient wisdom of course highly recommended. However to see and appreciate the historic existence of all these ruins and remnants can not be done by yourself only. To hire a private ephesus tour guide is highly recommended to you in order to grip a flawless understanding over the layers of history that lies on Ephesus ancient city. Ephesus ancient city is located in Selcuk region of Izmir city, Turkey.

Ephesus of Turkey provides Greco-Roman heritage and history

Ephesus ancient city in Turkey

Cappadocia Region and Cappadocia Private Guides

Visiting the Cappadocia region of Turkey of course matchless experience that you must do before you finish your time in this world. To discover the volcanic rocks that are named fairy chimneys and enjoying the beauty of nature as well as attending to some hot air balloon tours highly recommended. Cappadocia lays over several cities of modern Turkey and it covers a massive piece of land.

To prepare a healthy programme about visiting the Cappadocia is certainly not easy. Therefore i recommend you to check Cappadocia private tour guide website before you are getting there.  To get the help of professionals might give you a better understanding about this magnificent place so you will be content at the end that you made a good invesment about hiring a tour guide in Cappadocia. Once you come to Turkey and visit the Cappadocia, a tour guide cost should not be much money to pay. It fulfills the information gaps in your mind and provide you a satisfying feeling about what you saw and learn.  Cappadocia is located in Kayseri city of Central Anatolia, Turkey.

Hagia Sophia visit makes you aware of Byzantine history

Hagia Sophia Byzantine history

Byzantine Empire History Of Turkey and Anatolia

Byzantine Empire ruled over the Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Anatolia and Mesopotamia from 395 A.D. to the 1453 A.D. The Byzantine Empire is considered as one of the most important Empire of Medieval ages. Therefore there are many stories and legens related to the famous Byzantine Empire. The Istanbul was once Constantinople as the capital of Byzantine Empire which is also known as the Eastern Roman Empire.

Some sources however name it as Byzantium referring to the first name of Istanbul which was the city founded by Greek Byzas: Byzantium. If you ever visit Istanbul, I would certainly recommend you to attend one of Byzantine Constantinople tour of Istanbul to acquire a broad comprehension and full realization about this diverse history and magnificent culture.

You can consider to visit Pamukkale Hierapolis ancient city

Pamukkale Hierapolis ancient city

Why Hagia Sophia is so Important for World Architecture

Hagia Sophia used to be built by Emperor Justinian of Byzantine Empire and considered as one of the new Seven wonders of the world. Following the deadly Nika Riot that gave a great harm to the capital Constantinople, Emperor Justinian I decided to build a grand church in the middle of the Constantinople city. He summoned the most brilliant and famous architects of Byzantine Empire (Byzantium) to build the most beautiful and large temple of the world. The Byzantine architects Anthemius of Tralles and Isidore of Miletus erected one of the biggest church in the world with the highest dome world has ever seen. Therefore Hagia Sophia became world famous after its completion in 537 A.D.

If you would be visiting Istanbul and if you have intention to see this magnificent structure, i certainly recommend you to hire a tour guide during your Hagia Sophia visit. To hire a licensed your guide who is eligible to provide a private guided tour definitely makes your Hagia Sophia visit memorable. I recommend you to take a look at Hagia Sophia private guided tour article to get full knowledge about the private guided tour options for your Hagia Sophia visit. By booking a tour guide in advance, you will also given a chance to have a fast track advantage which will take you inside the museum quickly. Otherwise you might have to wait at the entrance for a long time, especially in the high tourist season of the Istanbul.

War Movies Of The World Website

This website is created by the admin to commemorate and cherish the memories of great war movies and battles. I recommend you to check out our articles related to recommended war movies to read such as famous war movies of cinema or another article that tells you about some memorable battles and events of the world and give you a nostalgic feeling about them named i wish these stories could be filmed article. You may enjoy with these article much more than you had ever expected because of romantic and nostalgic feeling that it gives you.

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Websites To Read Before Istanbul Trip

Websites, Articles, Pages To Read Before Visiting Istanbul

Istanbul city is located in modern day Turkey. The Istanbul is located in the middle of Asia and Europe and this unique location made it one of the most important city of the world throughout the history. The Istanbul sits on two continents Europe and Asia and this unique location is called as Eurasia sometimes in order to refer to bridge-like existence of Istanbul city.

Napoleon’s Words About Istanbul

French Emperor Napoleon‘s famous quote: If the world would be one nation, Istanbul would be its capital. This important quote from the famous emperor marking the Istanbul’s strategic importance.

one of the most beautiful sight of istanbul Galata Tower

Istanbul city Turkey

Emperor Constantine The Great Adores Istanbul

The first person to see Istanbul’s strategical advantages was the famous Roman emperor of the history: The Constantine the Great. Emperor Constantine became the emperor and certain ruler of Roman Empire by eliminating his 3 strong rivals. He was just a caesar of Roman Empire‘s tetrarchy administration system which was held during the 4th century. Once he became the emperor, he wanted to move his capital from west to east. That was meaning the end of thousand years old ascendancy of Rome city.

Istanbul Becoming Capital Of Roman Empire

Being a simple Greek town: Byzantium, chosed by the Emperor Constantine as the new capital of Roman Empire and they converted the city into the new capital city of mighty Roman Empire. They enlarged the city walls, built a lot of Roman buildings including a royal palace and Hippodrome, thus the city became the New Rome (Nova Roma) later it began to be called as Constantinople, the name that honours the founder of the city, the emperor Constantine.

hagia sophia with a private guide to appreciate the history

hagia sophia private tour guide

Istanbul Byzantine Empire Constantinople History Tours

To obtain good knowledge and understanding about the history of Istanbul. I would recommend you to attend one of the Istanbul history tours. Some tours are focusing merely on Byzantine history of Istanbul city. Byzantine Empire Constantinople history tour might be really useful for you to grip a satisfying information about the interesting Byzantine Empire history. Istanbul had three names throughout the 2650 years of history: Byzantium, Constantinople and finally Istanbul. A private guide can give you information about the crucial points of Istanbul’s history and names.

Hagia Sophia Private Tour Guides

Hagia Sophia is considered as the most important and most beautiful building in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia can be visited in limited hours since it serves as a museum. Hagia Sophia has a great history and splendid Byzantine Mosaics to see. To understand and appreciate Hagia Sophia’s architecture and history, i recommend you to hire a private tour guide. You may check the Hagia Sophia private tour guide article in order to find yourself a good guide. Booking a private tour guide for Hagia Sophia, would grant you the privilege of fast track entry to the museum, without waiting in the long lines and annoying queues.

istanbul custom tours would help you prepare a tour itinerary

istanbul custom tours

Istanbul Custom Private Tours

Istanbul is a huge city with a lot of attrations to see. Therefore to make a healthy planning and creating a time-saving itinerary, you may give a try to a tailor made private tour. Some tour guides are so knowledgeable that they can provide you a great deal of information about the city during the tour, but more importantly, they help you prepare a great programme to follow for the Istanbul trip. I personally recommend you to browse through this website istanbul custom private tours to find accurate information about Istanbul.

istanbul guided private tours help you see Istanbul properly

hagia sophia istanbul turkey

Istanbul Guided Private Tours

If you are looking for some ready itineraries to follow and see the main touristic sights of Istanbul city you may take a look at istanbul guided private tours website to check what to do in Istanbul city. This website offers some useful articles to check about the background of Istanbul city and they are definitely useful for strolling through the streets of Istanbul with a private guided tour.

War Movies and Films Of Hollywood

This website originally offers some articles related to good war movies. Famous battles of the world that are already filmed and wish to be filmed can be found our own articles. You may check the articles famous war movies of cinema for instance. Or you may give a try to another blog post in our web page named i wish these historic stories could be filmed blog post.

I hope you enjoy with our internal web articles as well as our recommendations realted to the Istanbul city. You may take this blog article as a good source to check about the istanbul private tour options and services.

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I Wish These Historic Stories Could Be Filmed

Historic Facts That Creates Great War Movies

Hundreds of war movies are being released every year.  Some of them has very weak scenarios. Sometimes I think about my favorite battles in the history and I wonder why the film makers do not pick one of those incredible stories. Because there are wonderful stories from real life, in many different historic events and they could be a subject for one of those high revenue Hollywood movies.

About Ground Shaking Battles Of The History

There had been ground shaking battles in the world history to admire. Battle Of Cannae, Battle Of Manzikert, Battle Of Hastings, Battle Of Mohacs, Battle Of Somme, The Gallipoli Campaign, Invasion and Sack Of Constantinople could be well established scenarios for some battle movies.

Let’s take a look at some of these battles, and imagine how they could be filmed, and how would they perform on the world’s box office.


Battle Of Somme

Battle Of Somme

Battle of Somme is one of the most cruel war among  the World War I campaigns. Thousands of people died and there is no decisive victory for any sides. The outcome of the war is far from being satisfying for both sides.

The war took place between the alliance of British Empire and France against the German Empire. Consequences of the battle just horrific. Almost a million people died and when we check the result of the war from online encyclopaedias such as wikipedia, it says Inconclusive. This is unbelievable though. Casualties and losses counted almost a million people, and those innocent soldiers died for nothing. Just for a tactical movement. This could be a great war movie that proves the damages of war.


Battle Of Manzikert

Battle Of Manzikert

Battle of Manzikert took place between the nomadic Turcoman Seljuk Turks and Byzantine Empire. Seljuk Turks are considered as the ancestors of Ottoman Turks. In other words Ottoman Empire.

Seljuks emigrated from Central Asian steps and finally settled to modern day Iranian territories. It was known as Persian Land in the history. Seljuks proclaimed the Isfahan (Persian City) as their headquarters. They kept moving to North and East so it caused the Byzantine Empire (or Byzantium) draw the swords against them.

The big battle was inevitable and sooner or later would break out. Finally in 1071 the Romanos Diogenes Caesar or Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) attacked to the Seljuks near Manzikert. Sultan Alp Arslan was a great commander and leader for Seljuk Turks and he leaded his army very well. The conclusion was decisive Seljuk victory and that victory opened the gates of Anatolia (Asia Minor) to the Turkish folk. Seljuks rapidly invaded the central and eastern Anatolia, with a swift move and overwhelming power.

Aftermath the Byzantine Empire shrank, reduced to a little state, instead of a great Empire.


Sack Of Constantinople

Invasion And Sack Of Constantinople

This is a sad story. The Constantinople, once the most advanced and civilized city of the world, invaded and sacked by Latin Crusaders led by the Enrico Dandolo.

The crusaders sieged and captured Constantinople and destroyed many buildings, gave a great damage to the city as well. This could be a good war movie like the Kingdom Of Heaven which tells a story about the Jerusalem, crusaders and armies of Islam. The movie ended by the siege and capturing of Jerusalem. An exciting movie about a ground shaking battle of the world. Maps Of Byzantine Empire for more information

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Famous War Movies Of Cinema

Notable Hollywood Movies About War History

Hollywood created amazing films up to present day. Some of them are especially outstanding. Directors like Steven Spielberg made War Horse, Saving Private Ryan and some others. Some of the movies were really brutal, some of were touching, some of were confusing leaving you with a big question mark in your head. Ashamed of what some humans had been doing other human beings.


War Horse By Steven Spielberg

War Horse

Filmed by Steven Spielberg. It was a masterpiece. A boy who lives in a small village of England, tames his wild horse. When World War I breaks out, he joines to the British army. His horse get lost and wander about battlefields. So you see the horrors of war from the eyes of a horse. Brilliant idea.


Saving Private Ryan By Steven Spielberg

Saving Private Ryan

This movie is best of the best. Especially the first half, gives you unbelievable pleasure and excitement because it’s so real. Movie start at D-day at the shores of Normandie. The US and British troops land to shore and face a serious defence from the German’s side. So struggle takes nearly one hour of the movie. Tom Hanks starres a captain. His squad are in search of one private, Ryan. He is the only surviving son of his family since his brothers dies in other war zones.


Platoon By Oliver Stone


This is a real criticism of war. It shows you how horrible and how tricky it is from the eyes of a young soldier. A young lad joins to US platoon in Vietnam war. His observations about the situation of US soldiers and the dirty war so striking. Oliver Stone have always been oppositional child of Hollywood like Sean Penn. So he shows the horrors of war and wrongfulness.


Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Qubrick

Full Metal Jackets

Another criticism of war this time through a bunch of young trainees. The film starts at boot camp. Shows a hell of a tough sergeant that push hard to train his soldiers. Some of the men commit suicide because of his behaviours and punishments. In the end he get shot by a mad soldier. This is not full story, only the beginning. So lots of thing happens after this about United States’ Vietnam War.


Fury With Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt is great actor. I also liked his play for Troy as well. This movie is not the best one of war movies but it has some striking scenes. I especially loved the romantic one, when building get demolished by a cannon fire, and the girl dies. The girl that Brad Pitt’s recruit teammate soldier fell in love with. Also the tanks scene was nice. The German Panzer against US tank. It was not easy to get him but Brad did it eventually after losing half of his teammates.


Tears Of The Sun by Bruce Willis

Tears Of The Sun

I loved this too. It’s not one of the most well-known war movie but again it has some touching scenes. It’s about a war in Africa, a special team involves in to protect white teachers and United Nations. Bruce Willis did a good job in this one. And the horrors of African civil wars revealed.

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By Serhat Engül